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India Insights

The event entitled “India Insights” was held on 22 June in Milan, with a view to discussing and learning more about opportunities for Italian and European brands looking to expand in India. Following the huge success of the event dedicated to China, this second edition in “Serviceplan International Roadshow” format was organised, with the communications group acting as a catalyser of experts in international markets, marketing and communications techniques, and Italian companies that have already successfully dealt with expansion on international markets. The timeliness and importance of the initiative are obvious: Italian companies are facing colossal challenges, given the inexorable spread of globalisation and the need to find new growth opportunities. Launching products, developing marketing strategies, and adapting to regulations and expectations of different markets are now daily challenges for those working on a global scale. In a mix of global experience and local skills, the Serviceplan India managers were flanked by professionals and experts operating on the Indian market to explain Italian companies what they need to know: brand strategies, consumers, challenges, uncertainties, and the opportunities that expansion in India offers to Italian firms were the focus of in-depth presentations and fascinating case histories.

Presentations were also made by speakers representing Benetton, who shared their experiences on brand management strategies and expansion in India, especially emphasising brand position and digital communications. Benetton's strategies were illustrated by Michel Lhoste, International Business Director of the leading Italian Group, who also analysed relationship opportunities with Indian consumers, both on the level of themes and content, as well as touchpoints, which is today more than ever developed on interactive, mobile, and digital platforms. 


Fabrizio de Luca, partner of Pirola Pennuto Zei and Associates legal firm, completed the focus on brand opportunities on the Indian market by illustrating the most recent efforts being made by the Indian government to recognise intellectual property as an element of value. He also presented cases in which international brands faced challenges and disputes, fighting to protect their own value and distinct identity. 

Once again, the determination of Serviceplan was confirmed in pursuing their own vision of “building best brands", that is, supporting brands to reach their maximum potential in terms of both sales and emotional relations and consumer preferences. These events, among the many proposed at the Communications company, are planned as opportunities for updating, inspiring, training, and networking. For this reason, they are oriented towards a growth of brand culture and instruments for optimising management of the same.