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Serviceplan Italia

Serviceplan – the integrated full-service agency in Milan
After Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Vienna, Milan is the fifth metropolis in which Serviceplan has launched its successful House of Communication concept. Here online specialists, creatives and media planners work together under one roof to develop one-stop solutions.

Serviceplan Italia
Via Solferino, 40
20121 Milano


E-Mail: italia(at)

Giovanni Ghelardi
Managing Partner

Phone:+39 02 9929 7600
Telefax:+39 02 94391763

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The Milan House of Communication, which opened its doors in spring 2012, unites Serviceplan and Plan.Net under one roof, further expanding the Serviceplan Group’s international network. Service areas covered include the following:

  • Online & offline creation
  • Online advertising and online marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social marketing

We are represented through the following agencies in Milan: Serviceplan, Plan.Net.

Milan is Italy’s second-largest city and the area around the city is amongst the country’s most densely populated conurbations. The metropolis is Italy’s most important financial, fashion and media centre and is also known as the country’s moral capital. The city is divided into nine zones. On the cultural side, Milan offers a host of museums and churches – whose treasures include Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” -, galleries and historic buildings. Milan’s “La Scala” is among the world’s most renowned opera houses. In business terms, Milan is Italy’s most importance location, with half the country’s 200 largest companies headquartered in the metropolis. The city is renowned in particular as a global centre of the fashion industry, while the city’s two football teams, AC Milan and Inter Milan, are also known worldwide. Partner cities include Lyon, Frankfurt am Main and Melbourne.